A mental health platform to help your organization coordinate care

Cobalt offers health institutions a focused and streamlined approach to delivering mental healthcare with a configurable platform that supports providers, patients, and employees.

Full control and customization

Cobalt was created for white-label use and supports a variety of customizations that work with your existing systems, workflows, and identity.

  • EHR Integration

    Bi-directional connectivity with your EHR platform ensures accurate and up-to-date information for providers and care managers. Patients benefit from convenient access to their health records and appointments all in one place.

  • Enterprise Configuration

    Easy and secure access through your existing SSO and preferred video conferencing tools.

  • Brand Consistency

    Tailored implementation with your visual brand identity and custom URL for an accessible and recognizable experience.

Personalization powered by our advanced recommendation engine

Clinical, evidence-based assessments drive recommendations for care and self-help resources.

Ready to see how Cobalt can support your team?

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