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Streamlined collaborative care

Transition patients to the appropriate mental health support quickly and efficiently.

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A strong foundation for integrated behavioral health

Optimize communication between primary and psychiatric care, with features that support clinical decision-making and the delivery of critical care at scale.

Patient Panels

Access and review a comprehensive list of patients and orders that can be automatically imported from your EHR.

  • Assign patients to specific care managers for timely care coordination and treatment

  • View contact details, medical history, treatment plans, and provider notes at a glance

  • Log contact attempts and personal notes to keep track of every interaction

Clinical Assessments

Enable self-service assessments to reduce the amount of non-billable time care managers spend trying to schedule intake.

  • Evidence-based scales like the GAD-7, PHQ-9, PC-PTSD-5 and more are available as part of the intake assessment

  • Configure question sets with customizable branching logic based on each question's response

  • Crisis escalation pathway to Safety Planning and safeguard protocols in place for further assessment when indicated

Triage Logic

Prioritize and allocate mental health resources effectively based on the urgency and severity of individuals' mental health needs.

  • Specific, actionable next steps are recommended based on patient needs and circumstances

  • Automatic flagging of patients for external resourcing if their triage indicates a need for specialty care

  • Triage drives recommendations for content and other self-help resources to provide support in the interim before an appointment can be scheduled

Simplified Scheduling

Increasing utilization while reducing administrative burden

  • Patients eligible for services can immediately schedule an appointment online with your mental health providers

  • Appointments scheduled through Cobalt are automatically synched to a provider's existing schedule

  • Any updates to provider availability in your EHR are synchronized with Cobalt

Messaging and Communication

Keep episode duration short with automated and scheduled messages.

  • Automate messages using contact information from a patient's EHR

  • Schedule future messages through a defined configuration or on an ad-hoc basis

  • Message deliverability data quickly detect scenarios where an alternate contact method is necessary

Supporting the Collaborative Care Model within the Primary Care setting

By supporting improved communication between Primary care medical providers (PCPs), behavioral health specialists and care managers, Cobalt can potentially lower healthcare costs by reducing the workload of PCPs managing patients with complex mental health conditions, allowing PCPs to focus on their core responsibilities and see more patients.


Of primary care patients are being treated for a mental health condition 1


Of primary care physicians could not get outpatient mental health services for their patients 2


Avg. medical savings from implementing psychological interventions for physical disease conditions 3


Potential cost-savings for patients with behavioral conditions who are enrolled in collaborative care 4


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