Centralize Resources

A hub for mental health support offerings

Provide access to your organization's mental health support offerings, including EAP services, therapy, psychiatry services, coaching, group sessions, and curated content all in one place.

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Create and manage a variety of resources

Add your own proprietary content or leverage our consortium’s repository of professionally curated assets to quickly establish a library of content.

Self-Help Resources

Self-directed digital resources, including articles, podcasts, apps, videos, worksheets and more, that help support general wellness and mental health education.

Group Sessions

Online and in-person sessions led by your experts and designed to provide opportunities for learning and sharing. Group sessions can be scheduled or on-demand.

Linked Services

Bring together your diverse array of internal tools, information, and services and provide access to the best external programs in one convenient place.

Curate your resources into meaningful spaces

Create engaging experiences for specific topics or communities, making it easier to find and explore content that reflects enduring and timely needs.

  • Featured Topics

    Respond to current events or highlight important upcoming topics by curating your resources around a specific category or theme.

  • Community Pages

    Create specific spaces to foster interaction, discussion, and collaboration among a group of people who share common interests, goals, or affiliations

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